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R.I.P. Elvis Presley <333

Today, on 1935, the King of Rock was born
Elvis Presley<333
He may have died but his music will live on forever!

Congrats on surviving the randomness.
Goodbye '09, hellooo 2010
Now I shall look back at the highlights of '09. I know I usually hate on last yr but in retrospect it was a pretty nice when I think about it...
-Going to the Britney concert with Clauu
-hearing about Clauu's random friends THE DUCK'S ASS and JAREEEED
-hilarr and random convos on aim
-pulling allnighters during the summer
-watching Narnia wiff MaddieMuffin JAPANESE LAWN GNOMES
-writingg <3
- Bang Bang You're Dead
- Mrs McCaCa jokes x)
-Jack: ze evilll bunnehh
-AIDSSSSS fhdhfdkfhdhdkfh xD
-mathh tutoring sessions on aim xD
-Robert Pattinson vs Daniel Radcliffe LMFAO SUPERCUTSICUS
-Shane Dawson <3333
-ANDDDD DaveDays :3
-Maddie's hilarr animal translation banners xD
-self pityy
-the twilight stage dun dun dunnn
-obsessing over cameron ugh's eyes
RandomSmileyAd:OMG NOWAII
-Clauu and my dads random, interestin convo xD
-Team Muffins vs Team Cupcakes
-roleplaying twilight haha Alice+Seth <33
-ROLEPLAYING HOUSE MD -wilson takes a bite of sandwich- lmfaoo
-Shane+Britanni <3 made for each otherr
- *pushes button* KILL JOYY
- the FRED stage xD
-the charlie the unicorn stage xD (GOD SO MANYMANY STAGES)
- Metro Piece O' Shit Razrr
-"Eric, Navarro, Moya, Gonzalez...You will have to build a statue in HER HONOR by the end of the year" LMFAOOO <333 I WANT MY STATUEEE
-Best AI finalee evahh :D possibly deafened clauu's ear when i screamed when kris won xD
And theres probably many more epic moments that I didn't mention but oh well...x)
I can only list SO MUCHH and for those who know me you should know I have a bad memory so you know you shouldnt be insulted if I forgot a MAJOR insider with you lmfao
So yeah since I posted this BEFORE new years I have to say
Happy EARLY New Years to all of chuu (:
Congrats on surviving the randomness.

Nail Polish Remover and a half dollar

Okay so I know I haven't posted in a whiilee so I decided to post a blog today.
Christmas was famazin and the christmas break was well needed.
I've been depressed and supahh tired lately during school and I've been doing much better since the break started. But o'course now im siick. Why do I always seem to be sick when I post here? xD
But yeah I got it from my new lil cousin, Emily.
Shes about like 2 or 4, not sure. But shes adorable and supahh cute so getting sick was worth it...I think.
My throat feels like a hot skillet is bein pressed against it and I cant stop coughing.
Yet my mom thought it was better for me to go outside and get fresh air, that it would help, so she dragged me and dad out to go to knaus berry farm >.>
I dont usually go with them when they go there anyway even when I'm not sick so whats the point?!
But oh well...
So I guess that shall be it for now.
I will have a GIGUNDO blog out soon about ze '09 in honor of the new year comin'.
Go 2010! Lets see if you can top 2009(:
Congrats on surviving the randomness.


I meant to post something for this on the day it happened but didn't have time.
But hey, better late than never.
Alrighty then, I'm so sick x_x
Lost my voice.
damn you, whoever it is that spread the GERMS. xP
ohand so confused, so totally and completely torn.
-slaps guys- I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU ALL.
okay, enough of that. must get my mind off of it.
Gonna go watch SBTB. 8D
Congrats on surviving the randomness.


Brooke White is one of the sweetest people that have ever been on Idol(:
She is simply amazing and was definetly one of my faves that season.
I loved seeing her on the Idol tour.
She sang beautifully...as always. ;D
It was a shame when she got eliminated but atleast we got the chance to see her on the show for as long as we did. :D
She is definetly someone you can look up to.
I really wish I could get a chance to meet her as some people are -pokes Justine-
But oh well...
Congrats on surviving the randomness.

High schools x.x

Well, I haven't blogged in a while o.o
Anywho, I'm trying to pick out a high school to go to since it's my grad year :3
I have no idea which one to go to >.<
I can't go to a private high school since we cant really afford it.
They're tuition is expensive D:
here are some high schools i've thought of so far:
Coral Park

^^ Coral reef is lame and overrated :P
If you have any suggestions please tell me. :3
Congrats on surviving the randomness.

Udder Idol xP

Lawlz. -pokes title-
Udder Idol is the name of a new story I'm writing.
That's what happens when me and Andrew are crazy bored xP
Andrew ate all the oreos D:
hm...what to say?
I've become obsessed with Ryan Cabrera's "Say".
^^ Dangerously addictive songgg.
I'M ON A BOATTTT <--- fun song to listen to when you're really bored.
OHAND-I have three husbands xD yeppp
Here they are: Cameron Ugh, Christofer Drew, and Andy Samberg.
^^ Look 'em up!
Well, that's all I have to say xD
I'm sleepyyy :3
Congrats on surviving the randomness.

For Justine(:

Hey Justineeee!!!!(: What's up?! haha
Anywho, summer has been good. Slightly boring though.
My friendd Clauu has seen Star Trek 5 times xDD

I'm waiting for her to get on AIM.
Everyone is either away or idle,which is lameeee.
Anywho,I'm listening to some musiccc.
I'm trying to get more ideas for this blog thingg. xD
Um,OH! Father's Day was awesomeee.(:
It was fun in the pool with all ym cousins and then we went out to Texas de Brazil with my aunt,Yami,and her boyfriend,Felix.
OH,and also with Felix's daughter,Bridgette.
I Can't wait for Brooke's album!
I am sooo psyched.
Another thing thats new is I have to clean the whole house all summer,each friday. x.x
BUT,I get paid! $40. (:
This blog is so randomm. xD I'm just putting whatever comes to mind.
I'm chatting with my frann Carr,right now.
I just noticed that my pic/icon thing here actually moves xD
I iz lso on facebookkk.
We just got back from giving the payment for the orthodantisit and going to the post office.
My feet are killing me D:
I was wearing sandals yesterday while I was on a walk with my dad to walgreens now my feet are ABUSED.
OH,I've been writing alot lately.(:
I wrote a trailer for a new story yesterday and I also wrote for chapters for it.
I ALMOST pulled an all-nighter last night but I totally crashed at 4am.
Ive learned that The Steve Wilkos Show can be addictiveee.
I was watching it this morning,
Ugh. I hate jason mraz. My moms obsessed with him.
She even told me today was his 32nd birthday. Ughhhh
My dad is still at work. D:
Have you heard Sweet Sweet Sound by Sarah Reeves? You should,its awesome.
Its very catchy,too.
I keep listening to it. its an addiction xD
yay! Madden is on aim!(:
Shes reading the chapters I've written.
My rabbit,jack,says hi! :3
This blog is going nowhere so farrr xD
I love the names: Kristen and Danielle.
Theyre so fun to sayy.
This bloggg is taking foreverrrrr to do.
Blahhh. nothing to writee D:
New casee for my phone.
Might go to the movies on saturdayyy with friends to see trasformerss....
Might go to Madden's house on thurday with Kristy...
You know what,imma end this D: Sorry,its not that longgg.

Congrats on surviving the randomness.


Random Person: OMG! Nowaii! OO:
Yeswaii,I will try to fit in as many questions at once.
Hopefully,I'll put all the interesting ones ;D
Okay,the interview starts...NOW!
What's your fave disney princess? Belle. I used to constantly watch Beauty and Beast.
What's your fave disney movies?  Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan,The Little Mermaid,and Aladdin. I used to have a huge crush on the Peter Pan from the one where they actually show the real actors and everything,when I was little. xD
Interesting. What's your fave colors? Brown,Red,and green.(:
What's your fave season? Autumn! -hint hint- Remember,my fave colors are brown and red. Fall has all that. =D
What's your fave shows? House MD, Married with Children, George Lopez, American Idol,The Cosby Show,Good Times,and All In the Family. xD Yes,I love old shows from like the 90s and 80s, haha.
Very Interesting. Now, what's your fave contestants from American Idol then? ooh! I love Blake Lewis and Kris Allen! :3
Niceee. -rolls eyes- What's your fave word? JABBERWOCKYY!!!
You're wierd.Thanks. I  know ;D
Would the SWAT team invade the wrong house?ehh?! 0.o
Forget it,you're an air head. What's your fave quote? "I know you're in there, I can hear you caring.." - Dr. House. Season 2.
Who's part of your crew? Clauu,Maddz,Mel,Kristy,Cha-Chi,Dean,Jazzy,Anthony,Lane, Ashlee,Carr...and moree! =D
-rolls eyes- Don't think so highly of yourself... -.- Don't make me spork you!
-uncomfortable- Um, do you like reading? YES! I love it! I read so many books!
How do you green your journal without coloring/painting it? 0_0 come again? Wait. You got that from ad...lazy -_-
Don't act like a queen,missy -_-  I am a queen =D I am the queen of Google and typos
-uncomfortable- Um...uh,WHY ARE BUTTERFLIES YELLOW? Who do you think I am GOD?! 0_0
HEY! Who's the one asking questions here?! Um,why is Best Buy called Best Buy? Can you give a more logical question?!
See now you sound like Spock. -_-
Why do you sound like Spock? 'CAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT, GOSH!
Now you sound like Napoleon Dynamite! -_- I think we're done here...

Watcha think?! Credit to Clauu for a few of the questions xD
Congrats on surviving the randomness.

Bored as...Anthony on a shopping spree

Well,my friend Anthony feels special xD
Two of my friends by the names of: Clauu and Maddie
talked to him today on aim. Yeah,Anthony,feel special xD
Hm,what to put in this blog....BLAHLALALALALALALALALA



Love and the marriage,love and the marriage....Go together like a horse and carriage. This I tell you brother,you can't have one without the other....Love and the marriage,Love and the marriage...

SHOUT-OUTS: To Clauu who ownz at MLIA  ;D

 Seriously,if you comment,ask me random questions xD
That way,I know some stuff I can do for these blog things xD

Congrats on surviving the randomness.